I found strength, wellbeing and happiness from nature. And in January 2021 I executed my long-term dream of wilderness studies. I graduated as a nature and wilderness guide in January 2022.

I've been hiking since I was a kid, and for the past 16 years I've been out in nature as often as I can. I have hiked in several Finnish national parks, made several solo hikes to the wilderness areas of Finnish Lapland (Muotkatunturit, Paistunturit, Kaldoaivi, Käsivarsi) and also hiked in groups in all seasons. I have guided clients on wilderness hikes in the wilderness areas of Muotkatunturi, Käsivarsi and the Three Kingdoms.

I am happiest far away in the wilderness or deep in the forest, where I can experience nature with all my senses. Nature gives you strength, calms you down and you will learn a lot about yourself. When you dare to step outside your comfort zone, you can find amazing experiences. Recognizing new plants, birds and animals is part of the nature experience. I want to help people find that power, identify details of nature, and learn how to survive in nature!

For me, it is important to provide each customer with an experience that looks like them. I follow the principles of sustainable development.

Come and join me on the adventure!