" Thank you for the enjoyable and safe wilderness hike! I got great tips before and during the hike about gear and orienteering. Unforgettable experience which exceeded my all expectations! "

" Awesome hike filled with unforgettable experiences. Gorgeous lunch and campsites. Thank you! "

" You took us outside the paths, which was physically hard but quarateed peace and unforgettable nature experince. You taught me how to pitch a tent in hard blowing winds and how to cross rivers safely. Thank you! "

" You are like a walking fell-plant book. It is unbelievable how someone can know so much about plants and the fells! "


" You are a diamond! Your skills are amazing. I definately recommed."

" All the information about plants and birds during the hike was great. Awesome and relaxed feeling continued long after the hike."

" We got comprehensive info about nature and hiking. You know a lot and you share it with customers. Our route was carefully planned and you also had a good back up plan."

" A huge thank you to a guide who had the courage and skills to change plans during the hike."

" We got information and help with everything. Thank you for a good hike! We would go again on your hikes!"

" I value you natural way of being and taking care of us. You way of guiding and helping discreetly without patronizing was important to me. Route plans and timing worked out well. We felt safe during our hike. "


" The whole family was pleased with our over night trip! Everything was well planned and all the gear we got to borrow was great. This way we were able to sleep outdoors. It was relaxing and we were able to enjoy the moment. It was a great and safe experience with a professional guide."